Can Restless Leg Syndrome affect these nine (9) body parts?

Restless Leg syndrome is not limited to your legs but has been known to progress to other parts of the body such as your arms, chest, torso, abdomen, back, face, head, genitals and even your mouth.  It is reported that up to 48.7% of patients with Restless Leg Syndrome might experience restlessness in their upper […]

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Optimized-Banana Restless leg syndrome

How Bananas help with Restless Leg Syndrome [With A Cool Recipie]

Research shows that ripened bananas are found to contain, magnesium, potassium and a natural form of dopamine. These substances work together and may be a significant help to relieving your restless leg syndrome symptoms. Potassium and it’s role in nerve and muscle function. Studies show that magnesium and potassium operate by decreasing inflammation in your […]

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Optimized-Gut bacteria and restles leg syndrome

Is this Gut Bacteria condition linked to Restless Leg Syndrome?

People diagnosed with restless leg syndrome may have abnormally high amounts of bacteria living in their small intestines. This is brought on by a condition commonly known as small intestinal bacterial growth or SIBO.

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Can Exercise Make Restless Leg Syndrome Worse?

Regular, moderate exercise is usually prescribed as a treatment for easing your RLS symptoms. For example, taking a short, easy walk before bedtime and doing some gentle stretching may help. However if your exercises are too rigorous it may make your overall symptoms worsen.

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