Natural and Alternative RLS Treatments

Find out the alternative options available to help improve how you deal with your symptoms
Optimized-Banana Restless leg syndrome

How Bananas help with Restless Leg Syndrome [With A Cool Recipie]

Research shows that ripened bananas are found to contain, magnesium, potassium and a natural form of dopamine. These substances work together and may be a significant help to relieving your restless leg syndrome symptoms. Potassium and it’s role in nerve and muscle function. Studies show that magnesium and potassium operate by decreasing inflammation in your […]

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Can Exercise Make Restless Leg Syndrome Worse?

Regular, moderate exercise is usually prescribed as a treatment for easing your RLS symptoms. For example, taking a short, easy walk before bedtime and doing some gentle stretching may help. However if your exercises are too rigorous it may make your overall symptoms worsen.

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