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How Bananas help with Restless Leg Syndrome [With A Cool Recipie]

Research shows that ripened bananas are found to contain, magnesium, potassium and a natural form of dopamine. These substances work together and may be a significant help to relieving your restless leg syndrome symptoms.

Potassium and it’s role in nerve and muscle function.

Studies show that magnesium and potassium operate by decreasing inflammation in your veins and arteries and by increasing overall relaxation.
Bananas are a superb source of potassium, which plays a significant role in sending nerve impulses and helping your muscles to move.

Further reading shows that potassium, which is also an electrolyte, plays an important role in muscle and nerve operation.

It primarily affects nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Despite this obvious connection, no clinical studies show that minerals are effective in treating Restless Leg Syndrome.

The cases in which people have eliminated RLS symptoms with bananas and other potassium rich foods like chicken, beef and cantaloupes have been described as anecdotal.

Research has found link between magnesium and a better sleep.

One particular study done by the USDA discovered that 58 percent of patients who struggled with insomnia also had low levels of magnesium.

These patients were also consuming less than the required daily amount of magnesium in a healthy diet. Researchers found a high probability of a connection between low magnesium and poor sleep.

Another significant study conducted in Germany and published in Sleep, discovered that magnesium assisted in improving sleep in patients who suffered from restless leg syndrome .

The small study consisted of about 10 participants with mild to moderate restless leg syndrome. Patients who took magnesium experienced longer sleep pattern and overall better sleep.

Bananas and your nervous system

As bananas are a superb source of potassium, eating these fruits could help reduce your restless legs syndrome symptoms. Also, bananas are excellent for your nervous and muscular systems, even if you don’t suffer from restless leg syndrome.

Eat Ripe Bananas

Try to include ripe bananas as a normal part of your daily diet. As a banana ripens, it produces a substance called dopamine quinine, a plant produced organic form of dopamine.

This is great because a decreased amounts of the neurotransmitter dopamine has been linked as one of the causes of restless leg syndrome. Also the highest levels of dopamine are found on the small brown areas on the fruit that also indicate bruising.

Try Banana Tea

While the research is still ongoing, there is ample evidence that bananas and magnesium generally help to improve sleep quality.

But instead of eating the banana skin where most of the magnesium is found, try banana tea. It’s tastier and easier to digest than simply chewing on the peel.

Also depending on where get your bananas the peel can contain pesticides. Use the following recipe below to brew up a cup of banana tea. All you need are a couple items you probably already have in your kitchen: water and whole bananas.


  • 1 small organic banana
  • 3 cups spring water
  • 1 cinnamon stick or a dash of cinnamon powder (OPTIONAL)
  • a splash of milk (dairy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk)


1. Rinse the banana and peel in warm water. Cut the ends of the banana off using a sharp kitchen knife.

2. Place the entire banana—including the peel—into a small saucepan. Pour water on top. Tap water may contain chemicals that can alter the flavor of tea and produce negative side effects so use only spring water or filtered water.

3. Bring the small pot of water to a rapid boil.

4. Remove from heat and steep the banana in the boiling water for 15 minutes.

5. Strain the banana and pour the tea concentrate into a teacup. Add the cinnamon and milk or a dash of agave or honey if desired.

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